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          Wisteria Cup | Show my English and show my style

          Author: AddTime:2022-10-31  Hits:1

          The youth is flourishing under wisteria, show my English and show my style! The "Wisteria Cup" Campus English Talent Competition is a traditional campus theme activity of our school. Through the exhibition, it can stimulate the enthusiasm of students to learn English and show the versatile and beautiful demeanor of students in the International Department of No. 1 High School.

          The finals are divided into talent show and impromptu speech. Each class shall form a team of no more than 8 students to participate in the competition on behalf of the class and count the total score of the group. There is no limit to the form of talent show, which is limited to 3 minutes; The impromptu speech was attended by the leader of each team. The contestants randomly selected questions on the spot, divergent thinking according to the pictures they saw, and made a speech.

          In the impromptu speech segment, the contestants responded quickly to the pictures drawn by lot, organized the language, and started the speech impromptu around the theme. The theme of the speech covered many social concerns and hot topics such as urban development, environmental protection, artificial intelligence, online shopping, parent-child relationship, music culture, sports exploration, etc., from campus life to national economy and people's livelihood, from literature and art to scientific and technological innovation, from the real world to the virtual network. The gracious typhoon and lively performance demonstrated the thinking and insight of all students in Suzhou No. 1 High School of Jiangsu Province. They not only explored the tradition but also looked at the world, based on the present and looking forward to the future.

          In order to ensure that the contestants receive professional and fair evaluation, the competition invited foreign teachers from the International Department and Meng Chengzhe, from G12, to serve as judges. Meng Chengzhe, who won the first prize of the 2021 Foreign Research Cup English Speech Contest, also brought a talk show for younger students.

          Wisteria is brilliant, and the style is more and more prosperous. To be a qualified English learner, we need to look up at the starry sky, broaden our vision and dream. We need to be down-to-earth and never stop.

          Language learning needs passion, but also needs to persist over the years. Under the Millennium Wisteria, our students work hard to learn English well, move towards the world and the future!

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