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          招生簡章 常見問題 在線報名 學校成就


          At the beginning of 2004, with the formal approval from Jiangsu Education Department, Suzhou International Foundation School (International Department of Suzhou No.1 High School of Jiangsu Province) was founded. It is the first professional educational organization in Jiangsu Province which specializes in teaching NCUK International Foundation Course.  In the process of running the school for 15 years, Suzhou International Foundation School uses its authoritative and standardized school-running mode; unique integrated curriculum; profound cultural heritage; adequate international resources; first-class reputation to make itself as a pioneer and model school in the international education industry of Suzhou. Our school has cultivated more than 1,000 outstanding graduates from famous universities in the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia.

          School Mission: 

          Be a pioneer of Suzhou international education !

          Be a model school of Suzhou international education !

          Since its establishment, International Department of Suzhou No.1 High School of Jiangsu Province has maintained outstanding records with an almost 100% success rate, in terms of graduation rates, college acceptance rates and the success rates of visa application. Approximately, 70% of the graduates received offers from World Top 100 universities, and our reputation has won wide appreciation from prestigious higher education institutions in various countries namely the USA, Canada, the UK as well as Australia. It has been fifteen years since International Department of Suzhou No.1 High School of Jiangsu Province laid its foundation stone in 2004. So far, the number of students who have graduated and been accepted by renowned universities world-wide has exceeded 1000.

          In 2019, ShengTao international course was officially opened, which will be included in the recruitment system in Suzhou, and it will help to provide better international education services for students.


          School Life
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